Why consumer imagery?

Buyer Behavior-Business Marketing (my teaching notes)

Consumers try to preserve or develop their self-images by buying goods they believe agree with that self-image and keep away from products that do not consent. Consumers be likely to shop in stores that have images that consent with their own self-images

Positioning strategy
Positioning strategy is the core of the marketing mix. It communicates the concept or significance of the merchandise or service, in terms of how it fulfils a consumer necessitate.

The marketer must produce a characteristic product image in the mind of the consumer. How a product is positioned in the mind of the consumer is more significant to the product’s success than the product’s actual characteristics.

Marketers try to distinguish their products by stressing attributes they argue will accomplish the consumer’s needs better than competing brands. The result of a winning positioning strategy is a characteristic brand image on which consumers rely to make decision.

Positive brand image

A positive brand image is connected with consumer loyalty, consumer beliefs about positive brand value, and an enthusiasm to search for the brand.

Despite the consequences of how well positioned a product appears to be, the marketer may be required to reposition it in response to market actions, such as an opponent cutting into the brand’s market share.

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