AdSense Optimized Content

AdSense : How to Optimized your Content ?

Google Adsense

It’s time to figure out how to persuade the good folks at Google AdSense to place ads on your Web site that have significance to your site visitors.

Your primarily goal by executing AdSense is to attract visitors to click or view the ads that appear on your page.

Google AdSense

Those only take place, though, if the ads are tempting to visitors. Having the right content is the means to having the right ads.

The technology behind Google AdSense — Web crawlers, spyders, and bots diligently scouring the World Wide Web for info — tries its paramount to decide the content of your site, but it ain’t just the thing. AdSense will have a much harder time placing relevant ads on your page.You could end up with ads for dog food when your site is related to planning a wedding ceremony. Therefore, try to keep your page as consistent as possible and don’t combine topics on a page if you can help it.


Google uses the similar technology to index your pages for search results that it uses to examine your pages to decide the most relevant ads. In order to improve ad targeting for your site, you can do some things that are intended to stimulate the interest of the Google indexers, which is KEYWORDS.  Using keywords in your content and in the design of your site.

On the other hands, you can also use Ad Review Centre to control your ads, to make it more relevant to your sites.

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