Mac OS X World Clock Download

World Clock

•Show multiple digital or analog clocks in the menu bar, in the dock and a vertical or horizontal palette.
•Display 200 time zones and over 1,000 cities time as well as world times (Coordinated Universal Time, Internet Time);
• Time Zone display, date, date change, seconds, weekday and the offset from local time or UTC;
• Allocate labels and flag to clocks; modify date and time formats
•Maintain clocks arranged alphabetically, by longitude, longitude offset,label and time;
•Change the cities and the time zones as well as insert new cities and new time zones;
•Compute date and time conversions between different cities and time zones;
•Display the up to date weather all over the world.
World Clock is well suited with Leopard and runs in English, German, Dutch, French and Italian.

Download: Click Here to Download

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