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A well-know BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP download management software ” BitComet” is speedy, authoritative, user-friendly, and 100% free of charge. Accordingly, It contains many advanced features for BitTorrent download and extends its leading BitTorrent technology to HTTP/FTP to accelerate downloading up to 5 – 10 times faster, or more.

v1.31 2011.12.12 updates

BitComet Client Release Notes [Download]
GUI Improved: save the heights of task list pane and Torrent History pane separately
GUI Improved: keep the tasks which occur downloading error together when sort task list by state
GUI Improved: add confirm dialog when restore the display of hidden torrents in Peer Share list
GUI Bugfix: Auto-Shutdown at specified time does not work
GUI Bugfix: open URL using system default browser instead of IE
GUI Bugfix: torrent file icon should not use the program icon
GUI Bugfix: when adding new Torrent, all files will be downloaded instead of only selected
GUI Bugfix: task position in the task list should not be changed when press Home/End
GUI Bugfix: the setting of View – Task list – Show filter does not work when program starts
Core Bugfix: handle torrent file not using UTF-8 encoding

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