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In brief, Maxthon is a freeware that provide web browsing for Microsoft Windows and Android. Maxthon is a free web browser for Microsoft Windows and Android. Its supports both the Trident and the WebKit rendering engines. Moreover, the Web Follows You which is Use your Maxthon Passport to seamlessly sync and access your favorites, notes, even browsing settings across desktop computers and devices.

To sum up, this freeware allow users to Multi-Search, Zoom In/Out, group feature, mute, speed up with mouse gestures, calendar history, drag & drop commands and search as well as reduce tiresome typing.
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Change Log of Maxthon 3 [2011-12-08]

– Resumed Print/ Print Preview feature.
– Resumed the support for the third-party content of right-click menu in Ultra Mode.
– Resumed the support for the third-party downloaders in Ultra Mode.
– Increased the loading speed of blocking rules.
[Main Frame]
– Some problems when closed Maxthon browser in Windows XP.
– The problem about using the third-party downloaders.
– It could not select the items of Favorites in Side Bar.
[Webkit Core]
– Some crash problems.
– It could not get the file list when opened a FTP page.
– A page text copy problem in Ultra Mode.
– High CPU occupation when used some the specific PAC script.
[User Interface]
– The address bar drop-down menu could not collapse sometimes.
– Video popup window display problem.
[Magic Fill]
– Conflict between Smart Address Bar and Chinese input method.

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