Webhosting Guide: Bandwidth and Web Space

What is Bandwidth ?

What is bandwidth and spaces

Bandwidth, What most providers normally mean by this is monthly data transfer. So how much do you need? Unlimited?!…Probably not. For instance, if you have around 100 daily unique visitors and your total website consists of 50 MB, then 30 GB is enough. But, if your websites are full of images and video (upload under your own server), then you should need more bandwidth.

On the other hand, you can use Internet Content Acceleration module such as gZip to compress your webpages and speed up your page views. This won’t effect your storage space though.

mod_gzip is an Internet Content Acceleration module for the popular Apache Web Server. It compresses the contents delivered to the client. There is no need to install any additional software on the client!

Unlimited Bandwidth?!
Well, most of the provider used to offer this until people who actually read the TOS’ or whom’s account was cancelled for using too much of their unlimited bandwidth caught on that “hey this is worse than limited, because they can disconnect you or charge you fees for any number they want to!”. It is worse to use unlimited in most cases than limited period. Usually the ‘unlimited’ bandwidth is cheap and is on some crappy Tier/Backbone provider anyway.

What is Web Space ?

Web Space, do you really need 100 GB or 1000 GB? It depends, if your sites are all those mp3s, video clips and ‘secret’ zip files, then you need more web space.

On the other hand, some providers try to limit certain file extensions to limit your upload files or size limit per file. Beside, certain providers will check on those sites that use lot of bandwidth. And, for the ‘Unlimited’ web space, apply the same situation as above.

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