Top 10 ShortCut Key For Mac OS X

    Here is a list of useful short-key For Mac OS X.

1. How to Create an Apple Icon


2. Short-cut key to turn down the brightness


3. Adjustment of Sound Volume

「Option-Shift-F4 / Option-Shift-F5」
「Option-Shift-F11 / Option-Shift-F12」

4. Double Buffer

「Control-K (Kill) 」&「Control-Y (Yank)」

5. Home & End

「Control-A (Home) 」&「 Control-E (End)」

6. Delete & Backspace

「Control-D (Delete) 」&「 Control-H (Backspace)」

7. Mail: All Messages in this Thread


8. Open New Tab URL


9. Link to Google Search Box


10. Zoom In & Zoom Out

「Command-Option-[+] (Zoom In) 」&「Command-Option-[-] (Zoom Out)」

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