How to Play FLAC on your iTunes for Mac

Tip to Listen to FLAC files in iTunes

Generally, iTunes is not able to listen to FLAC files. In order for iTunes to play FLAC files, user need to install Fluke on your Mac. In brief, Fluke is a tiny Mac OS utility to play FLAC files right within iTunes. The current version of Fluke support track numbers, much more faster and smarter. Lastly, Fluke is easily to use by simply feed your FLACs into it and Listen to your music!

Play FLAC in Mac


  • 16bit/44.1KHz playback
  • Multiple file and folder handling (the latter from command line only at the moment)
  • Track number and count support

Play FLAC in Mac

Download Link: Click Here

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  1. Just google search Step by Step Guide on How to Import FLAC to iTunes, you will find a simple solution

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