Tiny uTorrent V3.1 Build 26616 Portable Version

A Powerhouse With a Tiny Appetite

µTorrent, A tiny BitTorrent client for Windows and Mac and with many common features available. However, this program does not support UDP protocol but the overall download speed is good. Generally, this program is Speedy, efficient, and free. It supports multi-task while downloading; download priorities; tasks adjusting. uTorrent ‘s memory footprint is very tiny, and system resources are hardly touched.

uTorrent Portable Version Download

µTorrent Changelog
— 2011-12-14: Version 3.1 stable (build 26616)
– Fix: Crash when loading magnet links
– Fix: Fix GET requests by not sending “Content-Length” header (symptom: broken RSS feeds)
– Fix: fix torrent update when manually adding a peer
– Fix: make sure the bottom view is refreshed
– Fix: update toolbar (button) state when torrent status changes
– Fix: multiselecting sidebar nodes would show the same torrent multiple times
– Fix: integer overflow issue when downloading faster than 16MiB/s

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