Sexy Fashion AD

Quite sexy, fashion and creative advertisement edited with some simple Photoshop effects. Anywhere, Can you see what kind of product they trying to market?

As those are scanned images, the quality of the images are not so good.

2 thoughts on “Sexy Fashion AD

  1. Oh man those are from Korean, very creative on their part I think, Korea and Japan are the leaders in Fashion trends in Asia… I think they are trying to advertise Lingerie or something, sexy and creative.

  2. Women today are usually portrayed in a particularly negative way. As seen in this fashion ad, women are seen as sex objects- only good if men can get in their pants. The ad shows that the reader supposedly ripped off her clothes to see what she was wearing underneath. Because it can’t be enough for the model to have nothing on but an overcoat and stockings, you have to see what’s underneath them too. The advertising company has taken the innocence, or what’s left of it, out of this ad and turned it almost into a pornography spread. The model has been turned to nothing but a simple paper doll, if you could imagine it. Just paste on the clothes and rip them off again.
    This ad is also insinuates that all women look like this underneath. It Gives women, as a whole, a bad rep because now when women try to stand up against sexism, we are knocked back down by reference to these kinds of ads. But in the real world we all know that most women do not go day-to-day wearing sexy lingerie. I mean, women are working, much too busy to try to look sexy UNDER their clothing. And even if some are just lounging the day away, what makes you think they’re going to do it in their best lingerie? Get serious.
    And the second ad just repeats the ever so obvious, “women can’t think for themselves” man thought. The model in the second ad looks so delirious and almost stupid. But yet again she is still stripped from her dog costume to expose the lacey bra. Now tell me, what woman wears lacey anything under a dog costume?
    And perhaps the ad is also sending a different kind of message. Also notice that this is a female in a dog costume and not a male. Perchance, could she be a bitch? (referring to the female dog, of course) Always on the receiving end, like an obedient dog should? Sitting when she’s told to, poops outside, lets her owner take off her clothes no questions asked. This ad could also be saying that women’s place in the world is to be stupid bitches always at man’s beck and call, and nothing more.

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