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As I’ve been stated that keyword is the significant key for Google Adsense to input relevant ad content to your site. Here are some steps to show your keywords effectively. On the other hands, this is also a good method for your SEO.

How to shows your keywords?

In order to get found in Google, yahoo or msn for your chosen keywords you will need to make sure that the keywords show in the right places on your website. In the direction of this, you’re requiring to understand some basic HTML.

What Is HTML?

HTML was a markup language, not a programming language. As a matter of fact, the word HTML is actually an acronym that stands for HyperText Markup Language. You can use this markup language to images, text, sound and movie files, and about any other type of electronic information. In addition, HTML is written as plain text that all the word processing or Web browser.

Keywords Option 1:

Edit your Index file (index.html/ index.htm), add your chosen keywords in your page Title. Which is between the <TITLE> and </TITLE> tags. For Instance, your keywords are “Make Money Online”. Therefore, you should add the keywords like this <TITLE>Make Money Online</TITLE>

What happen you have more keywords?

Keywords Option 2:

In this situation, what you can highlight the subtitle or emphasize the keywords by adding keywords between the <H1> </H1>, <H2></H2>, such as <H1> Make Money Online </H1> or <H2> Make Money Online </H2>.

Keywords Option 3:

META description and META keywords. I have learned to insert all my keywords by using this method for many years ago.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Make money online”>

<meta name=”description” content=”Advice on choosing the right method to make money online. Shawn’s Place offer an effective selection to increase your income instantly”>

In fact, most of the search engines nowadays hardly ever use the META tags as many people had been abused the META by massive filled with the keyword in order to trick the search engines. Therefore, my suggestion is to skip this options.

Keywords Option 4:

Tag your Keywords This is also another method that I’m using in Shawn’s Place. Tag all my keywords in my contents. Lastly, few significant tips to assist you pick your phrase / keywords:

1.    Try not to choosing keyword phrases that have a lower frequency of searches.

2.    Try not to choosing keyword phrases that is excessively competitive.

3.    Try to select keyword phrase that is relevant to your site/content.

4.    Try to choose a phrase that makes sense and wisdom.

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