My First Western Union Quick Cash from Google Adsense

Google Adsense: Western Union Quick Cash for Malaysia

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I know that Western Union Quick Cash has been available in Malaysia for quite some times but I only try this payment method since last month.

As a matter of fact, this payment method has no cost, convenient and fast. Since payment processing until I had collected my full payment, it only take me 2 days. Thank to Google Adsense and Western Union.

Anywhere, the procedure is pretty simple.

Note: I’m using CIMB Bank Malaysia

1. Get a CIMB Western Union form ~ To receive money~ (yellow color header).

2. Fill in the particular information
i. Receiver information (you)
ii. Sender information (google)
iii. Your money transfer control number (MTCN)

3. Hand in your form and IC together to the counter and within few minutes, you can collect your payment already
(The exchange rates for yesterday is around 1 USD = RM 3.63)

Previously, I’m using “Check standard delivery”. 7 days waiting to my mailbox after my check issued. Consequently, another 1 month+ processing time to bank-in check to local bank.

Base on my previous record, CIMB Bank charge me RM10 for commission and RM 0.15 (STAMP DUTY). Anywhere, by using Western Union Quick Cash , there is no commission and stamp duty for me at this moment.

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