How to Write a Resume For Job

A guide to Write a good Resume

A. Choosing the Proper Form:

Essay and resume are using different kind of format.  In fact, writing a resume, you have to make  all your sentences as short as possible. Easy to read and understand. Therefore, POINT FORM is the best format to use for writing a resume.

B. Neat, Certainty, and Simplicity:

The key point to write a resume is to transmit certain pieces of personal information to the company in which you wish to apply.  So, try to make your resume simple and neat.

C. Categories and Order:

Generally, A formal  resume must at least include the following nine categories – personal information, objective, education, working experiences, workshop, computer skills, languages, interests and references.

1. Personal Information

– including your name, home address, phone number, cell phone number, and e-mail address.

2. Objective

– The reason you applying for this job

3. Education

– including your degree, major, the name, the place , duration and graduated times.

4. Working Experiences

– including the name and the adrress of the company,  position in, working duration, and  summarize your job responsibilities.

5. Workshop

– including all your training (name, place, and time) you have attended.

6. Computer Skills

– including all the computer software and hardware.

7. Languages

– including all the languages you’re able to speak and write.

8. Interests

–  let the company know more about your characteristic and interest.

9. References

– always write the same thing “references upon request”.

D. Cultural awareness –

if you are applying for a foreign company, you do not need to mention about your age, sex and marital status in your  resume. However, if you are apply under an Asian company, you may need to write to them according to the requirements.

In addition, you can also get some other format through some of the job recruits website, such as jobstreet and jobsdb

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