How to Tell if a Data Entry Job is a Scam

There’re a lot of cheating cases regarding Data Entry Job. Therefore, this is a good article to let you know more about Data entry Job to prevent cheated

How they set u up?

The so-called data entry outsourcing firms tell you that they providedata entry outsourcing work to firms who do not have administrativestaff on hand. Most of their clients are well-known big localcompanies. They claim to have more work then they can handle and needdata entry workers to help them with typing, word processing, dataentry and data entry reviews.

The Scam is starting by

In order to process your application, this data entry outsourcing firm will require you, the applicant, to pay an application processing feethat can range from RM25 to RM250. Other scammers might tell you thatthe fee will cover specific data entry programs that you must use tocomplete the work.

Cold Hard Truth

Real data entry outsourcing firms do not charge “application fees.”According to our research, the major firms that providing data entryoutsourcing work provide software free of charge or allow you to useprograms that you have on hand, such as MS Word or WordPerfect.

If you are told that a processing fee or any other fee is requiredbefore you may start working, simply ask that any “fees” be subtractedfrom the amount you have coming. Then, they will most probably tell youthat you are messing up their company accounts.

2 thoughts on “How to Tell if a Data Entry Job is a Scam

  1. i find 2 new scam company 1) ESGM 8.16, 8th floor, Wisma Cosway, Jln Raja Chulan, KL contoct no 03 20322368 for last week is same Global Master Management they change name.
    2) Galaxy netro solution Lot 1002 tingkat 10 Wisma hang sem Contact no 03 20264834

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