How to Play FLV files in MAC

Free FLV Player for MAC Download

FLV Player is a video player for Google video, YouTube video, MySpace video, Gofish video and etc. In brief, free FLV player used to play both local FLV files or downloaded FLV files.

Generally, what you need to do first is to open the playlist and click and drag the FLV files into the playlist. Then, you can click the files to play the movie.

Beside, you can easily control and organize the playback lists by using the click and drag.

Fly Flayer for Mac

Next, 4 different view modes are available in this version, which are single loop, one-by-one play, playlist loop and random. Lastly, we can easily adjust the audio volume during the play times.

Free FLV Player for Mac Download Here

Key features of Free FLV Player for Mac
* Support PowerPC and Intel Processors
* Support videos from popular video websites
* A Complete Playlist
* Multiple Play Modes
* Audio Volume Control
* Keep Original Resolution

For your information, PC user can refer to KMPlayer to play FLV files.

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