How to completely remove Your IE7

Internet Explore 7 Easy Removal Tool

Are you using IE7 right now? What is your feedback regarding IE7. Although Microsoft IE7 is a revolutionary product, but many of my friends comment that IE7 not user-friendly, slow and regrets for the installation.

Why regrets?
Generally, many users are not able to remove IE7 in normal way and getting some errors messages (like the images below).

For whatever reasons and error, now you can completely remove your IE7 by using IE7 Easy Removal Tool.
About IE7 Easy Removal Tool

This is a small tool that will remove IE7 when you are not able to remove it in the normal way.

Sometimes, you may not be able to remove the Internet explorer 7 from your computer because some files required to remove IE7 are missing.

You may get error messages such as “set up cannot copy the file ieakmmc.chm” or “set up cannot copy the file ieeula.chm”.

In addition, if you encounter any of those problems (as below). You may also use this tool.

1. Unable to uninstall IE7 and getting file copy errors (e.g: Set up cannot copy the file ieeula.chm or ieakmmc,chm)
2. Unable to open Internet options
3.Unable to download files.

Download Link : Click Here

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