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mp3DirectCut v2.12

mp3DirectCut is a very tiny application that help you to edit MPEG audio instantly.
You can remove any parts, split files, change the volume level or copy regions to several new files. Generally, you don’t need to decompress your MP3 into a PCM format.

The saves work will encode the time and disk space. Moreover, it maintains the quality through any re-compressions.

Key features

• Non-destructive cut, copy, paste
• Volume change, fade, normalize, pause detection
• mp3 recording with ACM or Lame encoder
• Fast mp3 visualisation and easy navigation
• Supports Layer 2 (dvd/dvb audio)
• ID3v1.1 tag editor, ID3v2 tag keeping
• Cue Sheet support
• Auto cue (track dividing by time values)
• Track splitting with filename and ID3v1.1 tag creation
• VU meter, bitrate visualisation
• High speed recorder
• Fast play
• Command line usage

VERSION HISTORY:2.12, 2010-05-22

– Unicode support (enable under Settings/Misc)
– Stupid hang on language selection fixed
– Unselectable record base name problem fixed
– Optional slim button layout
– Batch function corrections
– Pause detection optimizations
– Some more improvements

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