Download Apple Safari 5 for Windows

Apple Safari 5.0.2 (33.18.5) for Windows

One of the great browser that you should get it and let you simply enjoys the web world. Safari changes one browser looked and felt just like another develop to worked the best and less crashed for web browsing. The four key point of Safari are elegant design, innovation at work, high technology and Built-in Security.

Apple Safari for Windows

Elegant Design. Enjoy the content you’re browsing, distraction free.
Innovation at Work. Safari does things that no browser has ever done before.
High Technology. Blazing speed. Open standards. One powerful web engine.
Built-in Security. Browse worry free, your privacy protected, your security assured.
Apple Safari – 150 features available in the world’s fastest and most innovative web browser.
Changes in Safari 5 for Windows:
* Safari Reader. Read online articles in a continuous, clutter-free view.
* Even Greater HTML5 Support. Safari now offers even more support for HTML5 features.
* Better Performance. An enhanced Nitro Engine lets you browse the web at blazing speeds.
* Bing Search. Safari gives you another search option with built-in Bing search.
* Safari Developer Program. Customize Safari with extensions you create using web standards.
Size: 31.0 MB
Download Safari 5.0.2 for Windows Final
Click Here
Download Safari 5.0.2 (with incl. QuickTime) for Windows Final
Click Here

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