These are just some basic tips. You can also submit your link to SEO sites or something, but these are the tips that are very easy to do. I hope you like ’em!

A lot of webmasters wonder how to get a good ranking on google or yahoo search. Well, here are some tips!

1. Make sure you get visitors.

Refer people to go to your site, just to view it once, and then start giving links to the people who’ll ‘use’ your site, you’ll get ranked higher!

2. Get your link on big sites.

Try submitting an article about your site on digg, or posting about your site on your wordpress and blogger blog. (Create accounts if you don’t have them!) Visitors will come via this link, and the search engines detect you are talked about on the mayor sites, this helps on your ranking!

3. Advertise and/or affiliate!

This helps getting visitors to your site and thus increases your ranking.

4. Use metatags (generator here)!

You can easily input keywords and a description about your site so people who search one of your keywords get to your site faster!

5. Write an article about what your site does and publish it on your site.

If you have a web designing site for instance, and people search on some words you used in your article, you have more chance appearing on the search query!

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