Auspicious day to start work during 2009

Auspicious day to start work during 2010 available at

Auspicious day to start work during Chinese New Year 2009

An Auspicious start of the year ensures a smoothing sailing ahead.Here is the list of auspicious start work based on your 12 zodiac (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon,Snake,Horse,Goat, Monkey,Rooster,Dog and Pig)

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11 thoughts on “Auspicious day to start work during 2009

  1. I don’t know whether this year will have auspicious date to start working as many manufacturing are closing down and retrenchment are in the process.. too bad. Another thing is ox year, will it be another bull run?

  2. @Jane
    This Auspicious day to start work is to help you to plan your start work date accordingly. Therefore, you should pick another good date.
    To avoid, you have to find someone to study your fengshui elements (五行)to overcome this.

  3. No body starting work on chu 1 or chu 2?
    Jane, easy solution for you. Just bring some work home. Do it on chu 3.

  4. Thank you for visiting my website. I am impressed by your site.I enjoyed reading your articles very much. Looking forward to communicating with you more often. Wish you a successful year of the Ox. By the way, you have reminded me to go back to office for a while on Saturday. I am a rat.

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