Ad Review Centre

Advertisement Review Centre

As I had stated that relevant ads is one of the important elements to increase the hits of adsense ad as well as massive your income. What many people had been recommended that niche , keywords or optimized contents are the significant elements to get relevant ads.

Anywhere, we can also have more control on the ads by using Adsense Review Centre. With the feature under “Ad Review Center”. We can allow or block the specific ads either in ads group or all the ads group from the advertiser. As a result, we can filter un-relevant ads on your website. Meaning, We have more control on selecting ads that relevant to your sites. Pretty Cool~ha..

The setup is pretty simple.

1. Log on to your adsense account
2. Click on Adsense setup
3. Click on Ad Review center
4. Click on Setting

There’re two option for the setting

1. Run ads immediately (Recommended setting)
2. Hold ads for 24 hours so they can be reviewed
Under Allow sections,you can actually view All three Ad format (default mode) by selecting All Ad format or you can choice either display in Rich Media Ad, Images Ad or Text Ad.

At this moment, I can’t see many approved ads in my Ad review centre.
How to filter the un-relevant ads that you don’t want them to show-up on your websites

1. Select the particularly ads in Ad review centre,
2. Change the current setting (on the right side) to :
block all ads group in this advertiser
block this ads group only.

On the other hands, with the same method you can set back to Allow all ads group in this advertiser or Allow this ads group only.

Anywhere, kindly refer to Adsense Help for more information or click here

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