5 Important Elements to Setting Up your Facebook Page

What Elements to Setting Up your Facebook Page

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If you’re the official representative of a business, organization, public Figure or even a website owner, you can simply set up a Page in Facebook. So, what are you waiting for ? Market Your Business on Facebook now.
Before you get started, take time to gather all the elements you need and save yourself some effort. Here are a few things you’ll need:

1. A proper permanent name for the Page. The name you choose cannot be changed later—it’s permanent (unless the Page is deleted entirely).
2. Choose a photo to act as the Page’s profile picture.
3. Information about the company, organization, or public figure.

Information may include contact information, address, background
story, company history, and so on.

4. Content, such as pictures for a photo gallery or video clips, or content generated by apps.
5. Select a suitable category, such as a local business, brand or product, or public figure. Within each of these main categories are subcategories for defining exactly what kind of organization you represent, such as a grocery store or travel agency, actor or comedian, and so on.

The category you choose has everything to do with how the Page is indexed on Facebook. It might help to research other Pages to see how they are categorized before attempting to create your
own Page.

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