How to One Click Add All Facebook friends to An Event

Invite All your Facebook friends to an event

To invite all your friends in Facebook event, what you have to do is to select them one by one and click send (as shown below). Irritating? Ok, Actually Web Browses add-on can save your time.

Select one by one FB event
For Firefox user
1. First, you have to install an Add-on at
Add-On Grease Monkey
2. Consequently, click the link below.
Script Install
3. And Install
Add-On Grease Monkey
3. After Installed, Select all function available.
New Option Available FB Event
For Google Chrome:
Just one step to install for Google Chrome users
Click Here
And click on the Install
Next, Go to Facebook Event. Click on the top right FB icon to select all Facebook friends.
Select All Friend Facebook

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