25 FaceBook Chat Emoticons Smiley Hidden

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Generally, there is no menu of the FB Emoticons that can be used in FB chat features. Therefore, we need to remember the Shortcut key of the emoticons in FaceBook Chat. For that reason, you can see the 25 facebook emoticons and their keyboard shortcuts as shown below for your reference.The 25 FB emoticons included Penguin looking to the left, 42, A red heart, Shark with sharp teeth out, Robot face, A happy smiley face, A sad and frowning smiley, Sticking tongue out, A big grin, Shocked, Winking, Nerdy smiley with glasses, Cool smiley wearing, Upset and angry, doubtful emoticon, Crying emoticon with tears, Laughing devil emoticon, A blushing angel with a halo, Girl sending a kiss, happy emoticon, Annoyed, Confused, Upset, angry, A Pacman emoticon, Cat faced smiley and Christopher Putnam.

FaceBook Chat Emoticons Smiley Hidden
FaceBook Chat Emoticons Smiley Hidden

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