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5 Important Elements to Setting Up your Facebook Page

What Elements to Setting Up your Facebook Page Social Networking Marketing Tips If you’re the official representative of a business, organization, public Figure or even a website owner, you can simply set up a Page in Facebook. So, what are you waiting for ? Market Your Business on Facebook now. Before you get started, take time to gather all the elements you need and save yourself some effort. Here are a few things you’ll need:


In the Beginning Facebook…

The History of FaceBook Social Media Social Media have been just about for a while now, and the majorities are focused on social networks to connect their friends, long lost friends and colleagues. As a matter of fact, Bulletin Board Services (BBS) and Usenet groups were examples of early forms of social networks. As the concept evolved, generalized communities, like Tripod and Geocities (back in the mid-1990s), brought user together through chat rooms and forums. […]

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