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How to Fully Delete Applications and Preferences Files

Tip to Completely Remove unwanted application and preference Appcleaner is a smart removal and protection uninstaller. Most importantly, it is a freeware. Overall, the features are user-friendly (just click and drag) without browsing to the application. The best part is the program will help users to remove unwanted application support and cache files. On the other hand, Smart Delete feature is to detect and trash related files as well as to choose what you don’t […]


How to Open APE and CUE in iTunes for Mac

How to convert ape / cue to mp3 in Mac OS X Generally, you’re not able to play ape/cue in your itunes. What you need to do is to convert ape or cue to mp3 or aiff to play the music. There are plenty of app available in the net. However, the app that I’m using right now is xACT. In brief, xACT stands for X Audio Compression Toolkit. It is a GUI based front end […]


How to Play FLAC on your iTunes for Mac

Tip to Listen to FLAC files in iTunes Generally, iTunes is not able to listen to FLAC files. In order for iTunes to play FLAC files, user need to install Fluke on your Mac. In brief, Fluke is a tiny Mac OS utility to play FLAC files right within iTunes. The current version of Fluke support track numbers, much more faster and smarter. Lastly, Fluke is easily to use by simply feed your FLACs into […]


Tips to Extend Partition and Manage your Disk Space

Free Magic Partition Manager Software Download Yet another partition alternative EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition, a freeware that provided partition solution and disk management utility. Generally, this software allows you to extend partition (especially for system drive) and systematically manage your disk space. Beside, it also help to settle the low disk space problem on MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) disk under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. In particular, it combine most of the hard disk […]


Free Screen and Audio Capture for Macintosh

Simple Screen Capture for Mac Jing is a freeware for Mac to capture and record anything you can see on your screen, along with audio from a compatible source such as internal microphone or portable microphone. Beside, it is user-friendly software that you can easily capture a window, panel or region by just click and drag. In brief, Jing is to help you – To snap a picture of your screen – Record video of […]


How to Read and Write NTFS External Hard Disk on your Mac OS

NTFS-3G Previously, I’m not able to updates or copy any files from my Mac to my old NTFS external hard disk.  My another new external hard disk works well as I had converted to FAT format after I bought it. But, I don’t think that is a good idea for me to reformat my old NTFS external hard disk as it still not solving the problem. In this case, I found out users around Internet […]


Quick Tips to Create Effective Launch Programs, Files and Folders

Docks – The Best Friends of your Windows Taskbar What is Circle Dock Version ? Circle Dock version of the famous and effective quick launch programs, files and folders (and anything else that you can run), which can take the form of a spiral or circle. Utility has flexible settings, nice animation, is compatible with icons and skins of other similar programs (RocketDock, ObjectDock etc.). A characteristic feature of Circle Dock is that it can […]


Tips to Display Hardware, Performance and System Information

Display And Generate System Hardware, OS, Software, Speed and performance Information A Recommended PC diagnostics software utility that helps you to optimize, installing or troubleshooting your computer by presenting the detail of your computer hardware and the system.


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