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Quick Tips to Create Effective Launch Programs, Files and Folders

Docks – The Best Friends of your Windows Taskbar What is Circle Dock Version ? Circle Dock version of the famous and effective quick launch programs, files and folders (and anything else that you can run), which can take the form of a spiral or circle. Utility has flexible settings, nice animation, is compatible with icons and skins of other similar programs (RocketDock, ObjectDock etc.). A characteristic feature of Circle Dock is that it can […]


Windows 7 Theme and IconTweaker Download

How to Change a New Theme for your Windows XP ? How about Windows 7 Theme? Check it out here… 【Software 】Windows7 Theme 【Size】4.42 MB+6.44 MB Click Here to Download After Downloaded, run the First Install Me.msi and follow the instructions. On the other hand, If you want to change your ICON, you may try IconTweaker


Top 10 ShortCut Key For Mac OS X

Here is a list of useful short-key For Mac OS X. 1. How to Create an Apple Icon 「Option-Shift-K」 2. Short-cut key to turn down the brightness 「Control-Shift-Eject」 3. Adjustment of Sound Volume 「Option-Shift-F4 / Option-Shift-F5」 or 「Option-Shift-F11 / Option-Shift-F12」 4. Double Buffer 「Control-K (Kill) 」&「Control-Y (Yank)」 5. Home & End 「Control-A (Home) 」&「 Control-E (End)」

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