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Download Free trial version Adobe Photoshop CS6 (beta)

Photoshop CS6 beta Accordingly, Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a whole new development in digital image editing. In brief, There are three main development in this CS6 version. In short, Content-Aware Patch allow users to patch images with magically blend pixels. Next, Blazingly fast performance and a modern UI give users a instant result with unprecedented performance. Last, New and re-engineered design tools allow users to create superior designs fast.


Installer Database Corrupt Solution

Simple Tips to Solve Adobe Installer Database Corruption Previously, I had difficult to reinstall certain adobe application for my Mac. While I insert the installer CD to install, it display “Installer Database is Corrupt”. Lastly, I managed to find the solution base on their forum. For my case, I just delete both caps.db files and it work perfectly afterward.


Free Adobe Reader V10 Download Links

Your Adobe Reader Free Download A well-known electronic document sharing “Adobe Reader “ allow you to open and interact with all PDF documents. The main functions include readers to view, search, verify, digitally sign and print as well as collaborate on Adobe PDF files. Furthermore, you can view, print Portable Document Format (PDF), and search PDF files on different kind of devices and operating systems with faster launch time and real-time zooming and panning. […]

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