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SmartFTP is an File Transfer Protocol client that lets user to transfer files between your local hard disk and a server on the Internet.

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SmartFTP has many basic and advanced features as well as offers safe, dependable and well-organized transfers that make it a great tool. .

In Brief, SmartFTP can be utilized as:
• Web site maintenance and publishing
• Download or Upload pictures, files, movie and song.
• Share your files
• Proper Backups

SmartFTP 3.0 Build 1026 released

• Bulk Rename (Pro Edition)
Quickly rename multiple files.
• Rewrote Favorites Browser
More reliable implementation of Favorites Browser
• Performance Improvements
Faster transfers, snappier user interface and lower CPU usage.
• Search in Local Browser (Windows Vista and higher)
Advanced search in Local Browser.

SmartFTP 3.0.1026.12 for x86

SmartFTP 3.0.1026.12 for x64

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