PC DIY: Tips to Troubleshooting Your Beeps Error

If you encounter error beeps while you boot up your pc, here is a short list of PC BIOS Beeps + Troubleshooting of Bios Beep Codes (Slides) .

1 Beep → DRAM Refresh failure

2 Beeps → Parity error

3 Beeps → Base 64K memory fail

4 Beeps → Timer not operational

5 Beeps → Processor error

6 Beeps → 8042-gate a20 fail

7 Beeps → Process exception interrupt error

8 Beeps → Display memory error

9 Beeps → ROM checksum error

10 Beeps → CMOS shutdown register error


1 Long Beeps 3 Short Beeps → Video Problem

Continual short Beeps → RAM or Video Problem

Troubleshooting of Bios Beep Codes (Slides)

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