Free PureCodec Build 20090826 Download

PureCodec Build 20090826

PureCodec Build

PureCodec Decoder is a wonderful solution to attain a range of trendy video, Encoding audio, HDTV playback and video decoding versatile package; come together with KMPlayer, Media Player Classic, BSPlayer 3 popular player. In support of Jane, installed under the platform of language can play MPG, VCD, DVD, MOV, RMVB, AVI, TS, TP, EVO, M2TS, MKV, OGM, SCM, MP4, CSF, FLV and many other formats of audio and video file format.

The recommendation installation for Windows XP; DirectX 9.0C, Windows Media Player 10/11 and it does not support Windows9x. Able to play video format such as AVI、VCD、DVD、MPG、MP4、RMVB、TS、TP、EVO、M2TS、MKV、OGM、MOV、SCM、CSF、FLV and etc. On the other hand, In order to continue using Realplayer and QuickTime, please do not highlight Real Player and QuickTime as decoding components. As default, both are un-highlight

Latest Updates
Daum PotPlayer 1.4.20102
• Media Player Classic Homecinema 1.2.1245.0
• Media Player Classic Homecinema Filters 1.2.1245.0
• AC3 Filter 1.63b
• ffdshow rev3054 20090823 clsid
• CyberLink Video/SP Filter
• CyberLink Audio Decoder Filter
• VMware Movie decoder
• Elecard MPEG-1/2 Demultiplexer 1.3.18801.0
• x264 VFW Encoder 1217
• GraphEdt 10 build 090817
• MediaInfo

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