Embed Your YouTube In better quality

How to Embed Your YouTube Video In better quality

This is a simple “Tips” or “guide” to embed your youtube in a better quality to your blog, websites or forum.

Ok, All you have to do is add &fmt=18 at the end of the url. That it, DONE!

From now on, you can get the “high quality” version of the clip, even you don’t see the “watch in high quality” link underneath.

Samples are shown as below.


For Example (without &fmt=18)

For Example (with &fmt=18)

Can You See The different?

On the other hand, you can also edit through and select that you have a high speed connection so that every video defaults to high quality.

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  • tack för tips! men hur lägger man till så att den som tittar ser “titta i hög kvalitet” länken undertill? nån som vet?

  • verkar helt klart vara en bugg i youtube. hittar inte svara någonstans.. grymt tacksam för svar om någon vet?

  • @tjena
    what language is it? Can you reply in english?

  • it´s swedish :)
    Thanks for the excellent &fmt=18 tip (&fmt=22 gives widescreen HD in some videos).

    I wonder if someone know how to add the button “watch in high quality” on the youtube video that I have uploaded? (&fmt=18 works but there´s not many users who knows that, so I want to add the button in some way.. )

  • @tjena
    Sorry tjena, I dont have any idea about that but maybe you can add the tip in the description.
    Anywhere,thank for your comment.

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