Creative Paper Cup Design

Samples of Creative, Cute and Funny paper cup design.
Do You Dare to use it in a public place?

Which one is your flavor?

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  • wah lau. interesting!

  • Yes very nice. But kinda think its a waste of colors.

  • I am unable to understand this post. But well some points are useful for me.

  • How can I have my own paper coffee cup designed? Will any printer do it, like kinkos? Thanks.

  • Very nice ad

  • I have my design for paper cups. How can I copyright my product and market it worldwide?

  • @ron
    Look for printer company in your country for more information

    you can trademark in your country first

  • its very nice…is there any other designs for the paper cups………

  • i am owner of advertising company.and i have soleright of indian railways advertising in train and i am also doing paper cup advertising in trains and stations please give me some ideas or some designs for doing campigns….’
    sukhvinder singh

  • I’m looking to design some cups in China…anyone got any ideas for me?

  • Its Great …. Interesting also… http://www.palcupmachine.com/products.htm

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