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How to disable your Facebook Timeline ?

Timeline Remover Some of my friends and Readers do asking me regarding the deactivation of their Facebook Timeline. Personally, I feel Okay about the timeline . Anywhere, I try to log into to disable this app but it is not working anymore, it permanently fixed! Consequently, I surfing for some solutions and realize that web-browser plug-in can disable the Facebook Timeline by hiding it. In another words, you can view yourself and your friend […]


How to Show FB Like hidden information

Disable the Facebook Like Button Hate to force click the FB Like button to see the hidden content? To Disable the force click, you can install a Google Chrome Plugin. This plugin will get rid of the “Like” and show the content directly without disclosing your privacy.


Yet Another free portable Web Browser for You

Unsurpassed speed and easy-to-use features Web Browser In brief, Maxthon is a freeware that provide web browsing for Microsoft Windows and Android. Maxthon is a free web browser for Microsoft Windows and Android. Its supports both the Trident and the WebKit rendering engines. Moreover, the Web Follows You which is Use your Maxthon Passport to seamlessly sync and access your favorites, notes, even browsing settings across desktop computers and devices. To sum up, this freeware […]


Tips and Tricks – Facebook The Sims Social Quests

Quests and Achievements Guide There are several quests that available for players to get extra bonus such as Simoleons and Life Time points. To that points, here is quick list of the quests for your reference.


How to save screenshot of a Web Page as a thumbnail?

Tips to capture resizable Web Pages thumbnails Web Page Thumbnails is a freeware for users to print-screen high-res, re-sizable thumbnails of web pages. Generally, users can create a gallery web page as a preview page or a sitemap for a websites.In brief, the software integrated with web browser to navigate the particular websites.


Tip to Disable FB Like button

We Dont Like click Facebook Like Button Recently, there are some of the websites, forum and social media websites require to click the FB Like button to see the hidden content. Indirectly, like or not like you still have to like it. Moreover, some of the sites include a lot of ads in a 0 x 0 iframe or hidden content to force people to click to visible. As a result, the developer design this […]


Download / Upgrade to WordPress 3.0.2

The latest stable of WordPress (Version 3.0.2) is available Now WordPress 3.0.2 is release on November 30, 2010 for upgrading or downloading purpose. Accordingly, 3.0.2 had been fixes is a mandatory security update for all previous WordPress versions. Click here for upgrade guide.


Download Apple Safari 5 for Windows

Apple Safari 5.0.2 (33.18.5) for Windows One of the great browser that you should get it and let you simply enjoys the web world. Safari changes one browser looked and felt just like another develop to worked the best and less crashed for web browsing. The four key point of Safari are elegant design, innovation at work, high technology and Built-in Security.


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