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Tips to Speed Up PC for Fast Gaming


How to Speed Up PC for Fast Gaming ? A tiny software “Game Booster” to help gamer to optimize their PC for smoother, better responsive game play for the new PC games. Generally, its defragmented game directories, RAM Cleaning, temporarily terminated background processes, and intensified processor performance. On the other hand, the program is compatible with Cheating-Death, PunkBuster, VAC, and any other anti-cheat software.


Simple Tips to Remember All Your Important Passwords

I forget My Password !!!! How do I remember all of my passwords? For that matter, there is an open source software that helps users to remember their passwords. Additionally, it also helps to store website login passwords, e-mail account, FTP account and Softwarre registration code. So, Efficient Password Manager is the software that I want to recommend you. In brief, the interface looks fine and there are 8 different interface styles options. In term […]


How to Read and Write NTFS External Hard Disk on your Mac OS

NTFS-3G Previously, I’m not able to updates or copy any files from my Mac to my old NTFS external hard disk.  My another new external hard disk works well as I had converted to FAT format after I bought it. But, I don’t think that is a good idea for me to reformat my old NTFS external hard disk as it still not solving the problem. In this case, I found out users around Internet […]


How to protect your blog content Being Copied

P-CopyRightPro Today I found a newest plugin “P-CopyRightPro” in my dashboard. Generally, it a plug-in that disable the copying of texts and images from your wordpress blog. Accordingly, This plug-in will * Disable selection of text * Disable right click on your WordPress * WP-CopyRightPro doesn’t have problems with search engines


Upgraded to WordPress 2.8 Stable Version

Shawn’s Place ad been Upgraded To WordPress 2.8 How to upgrade WordPress in few second? Just 2 simple steps 1. Under the dashboard of wordpress, click upgrade automatically (Note: for safety reasons, always backup your database first)


How to Setup Apple Mail to work with Gmail

A quick 3 simple steps to setup your Apple Mail to received and sending mail from Gmail account. First of all, Log on your gmail account. 1. Click Setting 2. Click Forwarding/POP/IMAP, Consequently, Enable POP for all mail 3. Save Changes


How to Put Password to secure your file in Mac OS

If you don’t want other people to be able to access your files, what can you do? As an option, you can try to set password on it. Here is a pretty simple guide to show you how to secure your documents by using Disk Utility. First of all, under the application, open Disk Utility File > New > Disk Image from Folder


Tips to not Let Your Mac Fall asleep again

Free Caffeine Software Download (For Mac) A moment ago, I just download a freeware Caffeine, a tiny program (less than 300k) to disable my Mac from automatically going to sleep mode, dimming the screen or starting screen savers. Basically, it pretty simple to use. It appears as a coffee cup icon in the right side of menu bar. Once you click it, the function is enabled and you can click it backs again to go […]


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