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Webhosting Guide : What is Ecommerce ?

eCommerce Ecommerce, say you need eCommerce. Well this host says they have scripts and such for eCommerce carts and all kinds of stuff. Most people think “exactly what I need to build my online store”, but not quite. The customers can now shop around and store what they want to buy and at what price. Well does this cart have a billing/customer database? Does it allow you to easily manage the accounts and maybe even […]


WebHosting Guide: Shared, VPS and Dedicated

The Introduction of  Shared, VPS, Dedicated Shared – Sharing a server with lots of other people. Virtual hosting. All the domain names are shared by the server and they all share the same IP (not always, you can still host multiple IPs off of one box). Cheapest solution and good for most people. Sometimes shell accounts are given which use CHOWN or windows permissions to emulate some sort of freedom. We call this in the […]


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